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I've used Wordpress for a lot of different things:

  • Blogs
  • Simple Sites
  • Complex Sites
  • e-Commerce
  • Custom-made Social Networks
  • Portfolio Sites

I've learned a lot of PHP through making deep theme customization, creating plugins, working with existing plugins and themes. (I've learned even more PHP programming Magento customs)

I look forward to sharing some Wordpress resources here soon, but can't get anything more posted here just yet.  For now I have one bit of advice for new to mid-grade Wordpress power-users or New Designers...

Always start customizing Wordpress from the Base of Twenty Eleven (or Twenty Ten for simpler designs) rather than some other theme because this is the standard wordpress theme that comes with Wordpress and you can get the most support for this from the Wordpress community, it is better tested against all plugins, etc.  It is just a good standardized starting point. Secondly, make all changes via a Child Theme of Twenty Eleven, not to the core theme files because as updates are applied to Wordpress, updates are applied to Twenty Eleven/Ten... so if you didn't code it into a corner, you can benefit from those upgrades without any work.  The only exception I've found is if you are going to make changes to functions.php, in a child theme, sometimes weird stuff happens so then possibly copy the theme to a new folder to make deeper functionality changes (however, if you are thinking about that, it might be better to make those changes into a plugin!)