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Web Design Mountain : designers : photoshop : Water Bubble Graphic

Water Bubble Graphic

Highly reusable, Useful File, PNG

Hello there, I created this transparent bubble graphic for use on web designs or graphics projects and thought it would be useful for all. I'd like to do a tutorial on how to make this from scratch, but will have to get back to that later.  Feel free to use this for personal, or commercial use as long as you don't redistribute it in any way as this PNG file.  For example: you can use it to help build a web site.  Just don't try to resell it.

Resizing it (downsize) a lot (in Photoshop) and copying it and randomly dispersing it helps to make it look more natural as a background.  The only thing it doesn't do is bend the background inside the bubble, this would be too complicated for a PNG to do and at the size it will be on the background if you shrink it, its hard to tell.

Water Bubble Water Bubble (13 KB)