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Mountain Brushes - For Photoshop Users, resource for designers

Wanting to quickly paint a landscape scene in Photoshop from scratch?

(Read on to learn more about these free photoshop brushes I've developed. For a Tutorial on how to start using these brushes, continue here to Mountain Brush Tutorial .)

These new brushes I have designed are great for quickly creating mountains.  They can be used for original paintings or even photo manipulation.  The file has been zip'd for your downloading convenience because the full file size is 8 MB (Zipped to 2MB).  These are high resolution brushes so you can use them without worrying that they will look pixel-choppy and they create plenty of detail for all applications.

I have created a full tutorial for the use of these brushes, but for now here is a quick summary that should get any photoshop user going:

  • The first six brushes are underlayer, flat background brushes to quickly drop in the "underpainting".
  • Brush 7 goes with brush 5 as a second color overlayer. So use a dark color with brush 5 and a highlight color with brush 7.  This combo is a little bit hard to get to line up right because its so specific, the other combos are much easier to line up.
  • The rest of the combos: 8 & 9, 10 & 11, 12 & 13, and 14 & 15 are great mountain underpainting and overpainting - use a dark color and a light color, get creative and try all sorts of combos you might not see in real life.

Another use could be to take brush 14, shrink in way down and use it as what I like to call a "Peak Brush". This triangular brush will make creating original mountains from scratch easy.  This can give you more creative control if you want a painterly effect.  First lay in a flat color underpainting then make an eliptical brush angled to the same angle as the slope of the mountains.  Change the color to a lighter color.  Start laying in the highlights on the mountains to give the mountain its crags and snowcaps.  You can paint a whole mountain range this way.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think. Send me ideas for more brushes like these!  Contact Me

You can feel free to use these for personal or business use but DO NOT redistribute.  If you use these in your art or work give credit when using them by providing a link to this site: http://www.webdesignmountain.com

Mountain Brushes Mountain Brushes (2425 KB)