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Loading Custom Photoshop Brushes

This is just a quick article on how to load the Photoshop brushes I've created called the Mountain Brushes, and is also useful in case you want to load other brushes.

It's very simple, but the button you have to hit to do this is kind of tucked away so this will help find it if you are having difficulties.

Confired For PC (Mac should be the same but maybe a bit different)

  1. Goto the page to download the file
  2. Extract All by right clicking on the file to extract
  3. Extract them to the right directory which should be:
    For PC:
    Other places ok, but this is just the default
  4. In Photoshop select the Brush tool (on toolbar or hit hotkey: B) (see image below for help)
  5. Up in the top bar right under the menus: called the Option Bar click on the down-arrow right after the small pic depicting the shape of the brush
  6. Then click arrow in top right corner
  7. Select Load Brushes
    How to Load Custom Photoshop Brushes
  8. Then select MountainBrushes from the list. If they don't show up immediately, find where you saved them on your hard drive. Any directory is really ok.

That's it.  The next Tutorial will go into how to actually use the brushes to create Paintings in Photoshop.