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  2. The Latest: Apps & PHP customization Joel Reinke 20-Jun-2012
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For those of you who are diving into it further and developing new tools for web sites or presentations using flash, this is the place for you.  I've come up with some unique programs, classes, plugins, and extensions and am sharing some of these resources.  Also, some tutorials and blogs coming soon.

There are many different types of developers, and this is not a super broad collection of resources for all developers, rather, it is for any web designer or developer that wants to learn more about subjects beyond basic HTML and CSS and continue into some web programming (javascript, JQuery, Actionscript 3, PHP, HTML5 are my main areas)



I'm now adding resources as you see above.  Here is an outline of other potential categories of expansion:

  • Unique Application of JQuery with DOM manipulation, slideshows, and making designs flow without flash... this is quickly becoming HTML5 and use of the Canvas.
  • Flash: Some Custom Button Classes, 3D with Papervision, Unique effects, Game Design, and more
  • WordPress Plugins, Theme development, and other PHP and MySQL
  • Advanced HTML and CSS
  • Game building with Actionscript (Flash) or HTML5