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Web Design Mountain : designers : web design tutorials : color-mixing-by-code Short Version

Color Mixing for Web Design Concept
Short Version

Get the most out of color codes for CSS and HTML, like: #F1E483

The Basics:

The RGB Color Code is broken down into PAIRS of characters..
RGB Hex Code Explanation

Each Pair ranges in value from 00 to FF, where 00 is the darkest and FF is FULL value.
Specifically the "counting" order is:
0    1      2       3        4       5       6        7       8       9       A      B       C      D       E       F
It goes from Numbers to Letters because it runs out of numbers to keep it inside of 2 spaces/Characters.
It counts up like numbers, it just keeps counting past 9 with LETTERS. Example:
01, 02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,0A,0B,0C,0D,0E,0F,10,11, etc.

Greyscale Concept:

When all 3 Pairs are EQUAL they make the GREYSCALE range.

Dark Grey

Exact Mid Grey
Light Grey
Light Grey

And everything in-between.
Also notice the CSS shorthand for simple colors: the 3 digit Color code.
#000 = #000000   This shorthand only works for CSS coding of colors.

Mixing Colors Basic

Using just one color and going from 00 to FF (while the others are at 00) will result in Black to Dark-(Red or Green or Blue) to Full Red/Green/Blue.  Full Red is just Red, Full Blue is equivalent to Cobalt Blue, and Full Green is equivalent to gawd-awful, not found in nature Green (maybe Neon Green).

Adding Full Red to Full Green = Yellow.   #FFFF00 or #FF0
Adding Full Green to Full Blue = Cyan #00FFFF or #0FF
Adding Full Red to Full Blue = Magenta  #FF00FF (though maybe a little on the Purple side)
Full Everything = White

Here are some other common colors mixed by code:
A range of oranges #FFAA00 to FF5500 to CC5500
Forest Green #008800
Seafoam Green #66FFBB
Aqua #00CCFF to #88FFFF
Purple #8800FF
Parchment #FFFFBB
Browns  #CC5533 to #773311 and many more
Golden Yellow #FFCC00
Pastels - no color pair below AA

Knowing this concept can be a big time saver.
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