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Web Designers Blog

Flash XML loops and accessing data

Joel Reinke - Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I was reading a bunch of articles on how to work with XML in Flash to refresh my memory and there were a lot of misleading pages.

I found this one to be the most helpful:


It gave more direct ways to get at the data and it was a quicker method of getting my work done.

Thanks!  I'll be using it in my new app Photo Paint to allow saving and accessing settings.

The Latest: Apps & PHP customization

Joel Reinke - Wednesday, June 20, 2012

So what's been going on lately?

Been making some exciting 3D Apps.  Starting with Android but I can get this over to iPhone quickly.  Using Flash CS6 to make Apps better and faster.  I thought they would be bloated and take long download times but so far that is definitely not the case.  The apps are quite efficient and clean.  I think I can offer this because I do most of the design in code (actionscript 3) and this produces SWF files that are much leaner than if you use the Flash GUI to make Apps.  So I'd have to say I'm liking developing apps with Flash.  We'll see - keep you posted as I go farther.

PHP Development: Making a lot of sites using Wordpress and Magento.  Getting into some pretty deep PHP to customize them heavily to the clients wishes.  Also using XML, JQuery, CSS, AJAX.