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  1. Flash XML loops and accessing data Joel Reinke 13-Mar-2013
  2. The Latest: Apps & PHP customization Joel Reinke 20-Jun-2012
  3. Photoshop Tree Tutorial Joel Reinke 07-Nov-2011
  4. Developer Resource - Papervision3D joel reinke 27-Sep-2011
  5. Photoshop Landscape Painting Expanded Joel Reinke 09-Sep-2011

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Here is my collection of video tutorials, and a few portfolio pieces to boot.  Included with some context to help categorize the purpose of each video.

Graphics Generator Tool: Cool Lines "Modern Art Maker"

Make Water Bubble in Photoshop - Easier, Quicker!

Paint Tree in Photoshop like a Painter

Framing Photos in Photoshop (like a picture frame)

Learn PHP Basics - First steps into Dynamic Web Page Design

Portfolio Piece: ADRENALINE Music Lyric Video

Designed/Animated by me (Joel Reinke) using After Effects

Original Modern Art Maker Tool Demo

Batch Photo Resizing with Photoshop