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For now, here are the Flash Resources I've put together. Hopefully more can come soon, but I'm dividing my time between Flash and HTML5 so its harder to get more going here.

  • Flash Papervision3D - A better Cylinder with separate Tube and Face
  • Flash Papervision3D - Mixing 2D and 3D and stacking correctly

    The whole mobile thing with Flash sucks!  It ran great on Android.  I'm sure iPhone would have worked fine too if they hadn't fought against it for their own propriety.  I had some Full 3D sites in Flash that ran great on an Android phone before it got pulled last year (2012).  I like HTML5 and have built various sites using it, but the performance is just not the same! HTML5 Canvas is great, but its pretty slow animation on a smartphone.

    AIR for Android/iPhone does work just fine.  So that's nice, but I'm talking about Flash on websites on mobile. :(