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Design Resources

While designing lots of web sites, I've come up with some resources that I can share to benefit the world. I know I've benefitted from many Open Source projects and this is my efforts to give back to the community that has fostered a good natured environment. Please enjoy these tools, resources, files, and tutorials.

Developer Resources

For those diving into web programming further and developing new tools for web sites or presentations using flash, HTML5, Javascript, or PHP, this is the place for you. I've come up with some unique programs, classes, plugins, and extensions and am sharing some of these resources. Also, some tutorials will be provided on how to do it yourself.

 Responsive Web design: Check out this example of a Wordpress Responsive Design for Auto Repair: Lynnwood Auto Repair 

Photoshop Brushes, Resources and Tutorials

 Wanting to quickly paint a landscape scene in photoshop from scratch?

Photoshop Mountain Landscape brushes designed for quickly creating mountains.  They can be used for original paintings or even photo manipulation.  High resolution brushes for all applications.

New article on Landscape Painting in Photoshop with more focus on Sky.

Now building a stock of graphic resources too!

Video Tutorials: